The earth spinning closely to its own extinction

Having demonstrated this technique to her satisfaction during a series of group workshops, Dr Wambach wondered how it would work when applied to the future. Especially if it only occurred so slowly that it took a thousand years!

All Stars existing permanently within the several Photon Bands generate spirals that capture other Stars, and these special "Photon Stars", such as Alcyone, then function as Galactic Federation Libraries. This band has been referred to as the Menasic Radiation or the Photon Belt.

Many of us are searching for deeper meaning in our lives as we change jobs, end old relationships, begin new ones, relocate to new places and dream bold, creative new dreams.

Thus in your legends, Atlas holds Earth on His shoulders in space. Here they have to first learn the social arts of containing conflict between themselves, developing their environment and creating a functioning economic system.

Animals were swept to the far north and thrown into heaps and were soaked by bituminous outpourings.

Planet Earth

We are shifting from a Third-dimensional carbon based body that is, from one that matches the 3D vibratory rate and direction of atomic spin characterized by the electrons that make up carbon to a Fifth or higher dimensional crystalline body that is to one that matches the 5D atomic spin and frequency of crystal.

About million years ago in the late CambrianLaurasia drifted from the north until million years ago when it crashed into Gondwana.

As as to vehicle fuel, we insist on driving to the store, taking several thousand pounds of a vehicle along with us, an immensely wasteful attitude.

The Ancient Egyptian historian Ipuwer witnessed and survived this earthquake, recounting that: For the earth the spin is mainly due to exchange of photons from the Sun during initial evolution of Solar system and the same is true for all the planets.

However, with the mechanism described above, that would represent around tons of weight that would be lifted off those springs, and they WOULD expand in length.

Continental Drift

We just trying to adjust by science. In the book "The Pleiadian Workbook", channeled by Amorah Quan Yin, the 'Pleiadian Emissaries of Light', speaking through their spokesperson, Ra, give an important insight into the wider context of the coming Earth Changes: This was followed by the Cambrian Explosionan event which took place during the Cambrian Period — The rifting of Pangaea that began million years ago the end of the Triassic period forced up most of the mountain ranges from Alaska to southern Chileas North and South America ground west into and over more ocean floor.

But by only by a really, really tiny amount! They keep needing to use more and more electricity, and they have started building electric power plants that will not be operational for ten years.

Earth's rotation

Using ground-based measurements, temperatures reached an historic low of And for a potential benefit that might seem minimal as long as there are cheaper sources of power available to us, specifically fossil fuels!

I trust that you see that ANY city or community might choose to build such a set of concrete breakwaters to create such an enclosure. Uneven losses Studies of threatened species indicate that, by looking at their characteristics, we can predict how likely a species is to become extinct.

Although they were eventually dragged down into lower and lower levels of dense 3rd Dimension physicality mainly caused by the various invasions by the Dark Forces within our Galaxy, they nevertheless maintained a Sacred Pledge to return here repeatedly until their job was finally done.

How much Rotational Kinetic Energy does the Earth have? Sometimes the far side is called the dark side of the moon, but this is inaccurate. Given that ecosystems rely on particular groups of organisms for particular roles, such as pollination or seed dispersal, the loss of one such group could cause considerable disruption.

Over the past 66 million years, mammalian life has diversified immensely.

Why does Earth spin?

The tearing apart of Pangaea produced long valleys that ran roughly parallel to the east coasts of the Americas and the west coasts of Europe and Africa. First of all, so is death, but it does not follow that we meekly surrender to it especially not prematurely or at the hands of another.

Without any unbalanced forces acting on them, the inertia of the Sun and the planets have kept them spinning for billions of years.

Probing Question: Why does the Earth rotate?

There are also numerous mountainous regions on the Moon, and the surface is marred by many craters that are a result of impact by asteroids and other space debris. Although she has released partial dominion on her surface to Humanity as Planetary Guardians of the mineral, plant and animal life so that Humanity may learn therefrom, ultimately Gaia controls the Planet and the nature of what manifests on its surface.No.

There isn't anything that could cause instant human extinction on Earth, and the ISS depends on supplies from Earth in any case.

If Earth can no longer provide those supplies, the crew would get in the Soyuz and return to Earth. The moon orbits the Earth once every days.

Extinction is a Natural Process, But it’s Happening at 1,000 Times the Normal Speed

It also takes approximately 27 days for the moon to rotate once on its axis. As a result, the moon does not seem to be spinning but appears to. Plate tectonics provided the answer. When the different land masses were connected, the same or closely related plants and animals inhabited each.

mountain ranges would collapse and Earth would stop spinning within a year. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for. Earth's rotation is slowing slightly with time; thus, a day was shorter in the past. This is due to the tidal effects the Moon has on Earth's rotation.

Atomic clocks show that a modern day is longer by about milliseconds than a century ago, slowly increasing the rate at which UTC is adjusted by leap seconds. J.E. Chambers, in Treatise on Geochemistry, Formation of the Moon. The Earth–Moon system has a large amount of angular momentum per unit mass, and the Moon has a remarkably small core for a body of its size.

Humanity can, and must, co-operate with that Kingdom if it is to continue on its evolutionary path on the Planet Earth, but for so long has the Mineral Kingdom been abused and vandalized by Humanity in order to serve its own ends, no matter what the cost to the Mineral Kingdom, that .

The earth spinning closely to its own extinction
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