Internal communications strategy case study

Initial communications in our staff newsletters set the scene — explaining what had happened in the pilots and how it had improved customer satisfaction and, more importantly for our colleagues, how it empowered staff to make the right decisions. Overall Satisfaction with the SnapComms tools: To keep Think Yes at the front of people's minds we gather staff stories about how they are thinking yes for our customers.

Improvements in resolution rates were made following the pilot. Think Yes was introduced to the organization in the February edition of YourNews - our staff newsletter. All 12 offices got involved, with the office in Malaga, Spain being crowned the winner.

Internal Communication Case Studies

Rather than the company dictating a corporate culture and controlling how Internal communications strategy case study line of internal comms should flow, the BlogHub allows employees to better understand messaging by communicating with people whose opinions matter. Evidence of engagement, behavioural change and integration with other activities It's no exaggeration to say that Think Yes has revolutionised the way we work, the way we feel, the way we serve our customers and the way we relate to each other.

On our digital signage system it looks just like a real TV channel. Engagement is about more than telling employees about the new vision. Interactivity By commenting on blog posts, BlogHub members can share ideas and knowledge on issues that are relevant to them and the company.

We sent these to the leadership team who solved any problems, changed processes and removed blockages. The Executive Team led every session. See my previous article on how to conduct an internal comms audit for more info about the differences.

Impact on business KPIs Standard metrics that were collated for AHT, such as problem resolution, customer satisfaction and commissions were broken down so that results for the pilot and control groups could be separately identified. He told staff they were empowered to think yes in the face of customer requests, to take pride in their work, and take action to delight our customers.

The majority of the time an IC strategy is written by an IC pro, as, unsurprisingly, they are closest to understanding what work needs to happen and how it fits into the business strategy.

They also use RSS-powered newsfeeds help minimize workload by pulling in Piksel. All 12 offices got involved, with the office in Malaga, Spain being crowned the winner. From a management perspective, the BlogHub is an effective way to gather employee feedback on various issues and track the conversations that are happening inside the company.

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With foresight and planning, Piksel was able to launch Popsikel on the same day they re-launched as a new company. We are still getting stories and blockages through weekly. Creating brand excitement For the first time in Siemens history, the company has invested in a sizeable budget for advertising in the U.

Armed with a clear vision, innovative video technology, and an inspiring executive team, Piksel used ThoughtFarmer to amplify their message across employees in 13 offices around the globe.

Three of the more popular tools include: Tarley Jordan, Global Marketing Communications Director at Piksel describes the impact of fragmented communications channels: Think yes is alive and kicking thanks to the work of the Communications Team to launch it, embed it and keep it on the radar.

At the same time we published the second Think Yes edition of our YourNews magazine, going into more detail about exactly what was expected from staff and introducing our 'blockage buster' — an internal website where staff could go to report a blockage which was stopping them from thinking yes.

We trained them on how to use the blog, how it works and how to log on. Executive summary — succinct overview for reader.

The Brief from our Executive Team was to take customer service to a new level through a programme of empowering staff to deliver tailored service to customers at the first point of contact.

Employee response to SnapComms Employees were very positive about the SnapComms employee communications tools and the pilot process in general.

Think Yes was central to this.

Nokia’s internal communication driven by social media

Staff morale and pride is higher than it has ever been. Among the activities people take part in are walk-a-thons, as well as the refurbishment of schools, playgrounds, and housing for the elderly.

Effective internal communications at Siemens

It was the first time, other than in leadership meetings that the distinctive think yes 'tick' appeared. Behavior change Throughout the pilot, the Internal Communications team consistently assessed the extent to which employee behavior had been influenced by the content of the messages delivered to them.

7 Steps to Launch Your Internal Communications Strategy

At the end they received their own Think Yes pack with a Think Yes leaflet, pen, post-its and ID lanyard and a personal email from the Chief Executive thanking them — all put together by our team to keep Think Yes in their minds at all times, and to underline their personal role.

At this point, our Communications team stepped in to tell the story of Think Yes. Schwarzmann also works with HR to obtain employee interviews showing what a great place Nokia is to work.

Word, some presentations, while others use spreadsheets.This is a case study from one of the teams we have worked with presented as an example of Internal Communication strategy in action.

Situation Analysis The internal audience - 19, customer-facing employees in multiple locations — 10, in call-centers, 6, retail staff, and 3, field operation staff. A case study of First Bank of Nigeria Ltd. By Mrs. Folake Ani-Mumuney •The internal communications strategy is more than a simple plan of tactical interventions in support of business activities.

The strategy will inform the best way to organize effective communications. THE ULTIMATE GUIDE To internal communications CASE STUDY. Anonymous. The (im)perfect employee event: Arrange a last-minute global Town THE ULTIMATE GUIDE To internal communications Use an impartial outsider who can have difficult/constructive.

Solution: This was a large programme, so the strategy and. investment was set from the. Use to implement new tactics that can improve your internal communications strategy and get your team connected, engaged and motivated.

The 18 internal communications best practices below will help you do just that. The best internal communications case studies of We love a good conference, and last year we attended more than our fair share. Read on to discover our favourite inspirational stories from The best internal communications case studies of We love a good conference, and last year we attended more than our fair share.

Read on to discover our favourite inspirational stories from

Internal communications strategy case study
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