Appreciations with an essay on style

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Appreciations, with an Essay on Style

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Two further voices on the history of Ma Christinah Nku will briefly feature in this essay. Pater's scepticism led him to think that in themselves all such systems lack sense or meaning — until meaning is conferred upon them by their capacity to give expression to a particular temperament.

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In our actual concrete experience, the two trains of phenomena which the words matter and spirit do but roughly distinguish, play inextricably into each other. That volume bears witness to the reverse of any failure of power, or falling-off from his early standard of literary perfection, in every one of his then accustomed forms of poetry—the song, the sonnet, and the ballad.

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Walter Pater

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Walter Horatio Pater (4 August – 30 July ) was an English essayist, literary and art critic, and fiction writer, regarded as one of the great stylists. His works on Renaissance subjects were popular but controversial, reflecting his lost belief in Christianity.

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This essay proposes to halt at the frontier of metaphysics or mysticism, and confine itself to such practical conclusions as can be applied by the responsible person interested in poetry. In Pater published Appreciations, with an Essay on Style, a collection of previously-printed essays on literature.

It was well received. "Style" (reprinted from the Fortnightly Review, ) is a statement of his creed and methodology as a prose-writer, ending with the paradox "If style be the man, it will be in a real sense 'impersonal' ".

Walter Pater

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Appreciations with an essay on style
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