An essay on the right legal drinking age in america

Many think that it is not fair that a citizen can fight or his or her country and vote for laws at the age of eighteen, but no one under the age of twenty-one is allowed to drink. Furthermore the temptation to undermine the law through underage drinking would be greatly decreased.

Legal Drinking Age

Rather than promoting the responsible use of alcohol, minimum age laws actually have the opposite effect. This makes the 21 restriction seem ridicules.

Teenagers look at drinking as something exciting and something that may bring there mates closer together. The choice of college with a past history Voting, alcohol, and driving should not be available to people of any age because of the amount of responsibility these activities require.

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Drinking is not a bad thing in moderation and it should be legal to be consumed. After all, drinking is not protected by the Constitution. But some public health researchers say the data do not support McCardell's claim.

The public at large seems to agree, with 80 percent of those 35 and up supporting legal age The drinking age was changed from eighteen years old to twenty-one years old in Binge drinking has remained level at 44 percent among college students for 10 years, according to Wechsler's most recent study in Henry Wechsler, a researcher at Harvard School of Public Health, and a leading expert on college binge drinking.

Liquors such as vodka are easy to smuggle in water bottles, and make it easier to get drunk. You can order an essay on any topic Order a new paper In the usa, the law is very strict with the coverage of being 21 or older to possess the right to drink.

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U.S. history of alcohol minimum purchase age by state

What about the 20, innocent people killed last year due to alcohol? We are the only country that has to ID everyone who looks under 40 at the door or at the register. The article states, "Nearly four million young people suffer from alcoho Leaving prohibitions on alcohol largely to the family is the best tactic if the aim is to reduce binge drinking by minors.

Instead, many law-abiding students must first encounter alcohol at college parties.The Essay on Underage Drinking Age Drinkers Alcohol said the main reason to keep the drinking age at 21 is that alcohol-related traffic accidents are the leading cause of decrease in drinking.

Well I for one believe that the legal drinking age should be lowered from twenty-one to eighteen. If we are considered an adult and expected to act like one at age 18 it isn’t right to restrict us to a drinking age. Essay about Lower the Drinking Age To 18; Essay about Lower the Drinking Age To This is the main reason the legal drinking age has not been lower below 21 years of age.a large number of the general population desires a lower drinking age.

In the 25 years since the legal drinking age was set at 21, seven states have tried to lower it. Since the drinking age was changed to twenty-one, the number of students who reported to have skipped class due to a hangover jumped 2%, students who sipped class after drinking jumped 3%, getting lower grades due to drinking jumped 2% and fighting while intoxicated rose 5%.

The drinking age should be lowered to eighteen so those who should be allowed the right to drink, have the right to drink. Having the legal drinking age at twenty-­‐one is to supposedly protect children from the harmful effects of alcohol.

My Essay Writer Blog: Lower the Legal Drinking Age Essay Sample America should take note of what other countries are doing in order to decide where to set the legal drinking age in the United States.

Legal Drinking Age essays essaysMotor vehicle crashes, alcoholic poisoning, violence, and addiction are just some of the ways children under age.

An essay on the right legal drinking age in america
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