A characters of thomas fairbairn and casey willardson

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2 in. Duckworth went to Jesus College, Cambridge and was soon involved with the Boat Club. When year-old Casey Willardson agrees to tutor Thomas Fairbairn, family and friends think she's crazy--and in danger.

But as Casey and Thomas get to know each other, labels and preconceptions fall away, resulting in a deep understanding of shared human experiences and emotions, and ultimately a rewarding love that challenges both teens' long /5(32).

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Rabbits is an animated film Contents[show] Plot Voices Susan Sheridan as Fiver the Rabbit, Little Chubby Pink Rabbit, Chubby White Easter Rabbit, Cute Blue Bunny Rabbit, Cute Light Brown Rabbit, Cute Orange Kitten, Cute White Kitten, Cute Brown Kitten, Easter Chick, Cute Grey Bunny, Black.

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A characters of thomas fairbairn and casey willardson
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